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118finder – Under the one umbrella

03 joulu
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Some days the umbrella is needed here in the southern Spain where our office in located, even if the Costa del Sol is known for its sun. The umbrella symbolizes also our brand; under 118finder umbrella we have a large scale of products and services and we are continously developing more! The idea of this blog is to inform our customers what is going on with our products and services and inside our company group.

Currently, our product/service family includes:

-          118 Finder directory service: 118finder.com

o   Business Finder: Global site and local sites in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and UK

o   Social Media Finder

o   People Finder

o   Classifieds

o   Weather Finder

-         Do your pages: doyourpages.com

o   Domain, web-builder and web-hosting services

o   Supports English, Finnish and Spanish 

Movitele mobile shop: www.movitele.com

Our goal is to create a large product and service category that offers businesses great tools for digital marketing and visibility. Companies will benefit when they have all needed features under the same service group.

This blog will show you how our company works behind the scenes. Every time when something interesting happens in our company we will tell you about in our blog. So, you will get to know better our events, news, personnel and stuff through the blog. We will also share digital marketing tips for businesses to survive better in the online environment.

Welcome aboard!

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