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What is Prepaid?

21 tammi
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Prepaid is an option for monthly paid mobile tariff. The customer pays of use beforehand by loading a certain amount of money to the prepaid card. The loaded money is called balance. The customer has two options to use balance that is loaded to his phone:

The first option is to use balance for loading call packages. Movitele offers different packages for different needs. They have international and national phone packages and possibility to choose sms and internet packages. All these prepaid-packages will end after one month or earlier if the minutes of the package are used.

For example: A customer chooses 1000 minutes national call package. Package will end after one month even if a customer has not used all 1000 minutes. If the customer calls a lot and uses 1000 minutes for example during two weeks, the package ends.

The second option is to use balance directly to calls: all operators have their prices per minute for calls without call package. If the customer has prepaid tariff without call package, calls decrease the loaded balance. At the same way calls that are not included into call package and the calls after the end of call package reduce balance directly.

In Spain, prepaid top-ups can be done in mobile stores, small shops and even in bank automates.

 -          We recommend that all of our customers would do top-us and package activation in our stores. Therefore we can make sure that the customer gets exactly what he asks. We cannot take responsibility of mistakes that are made to our customers in other stores, says Saul Nije from Movitele. 

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