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Prepaid or Direct Debit contract

26 tammi
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Many foreigners who are moving to Costa del Sol are wondering about one thing. Would it be better to make a prepaid contract than direct debit contract with phone operator? Both options have their pros and cons. The most important thing affecting choice is the purpose of use.

Prepaid means that the customer recharges money to the SIM-card as a balance. Balance is used for calling, sending messages and internet.

The other option is direct debit contract. In this case calls and other services are charged afterwards from the customer’s bank account or credit card.

Prepaid contract

+ You know exactly how much money you use for calls, no surprise bills

+ You don’t need Spanish bank account or credit card

- Prepaid prices are more expensive than direct debit prices

- If all balance of SIM-card is used and you don’t recharge more money you cannot use your phone for calling (receiving calls is possible)

- Phone number will be shut down if new recharge has not been done in 6 months

Direct debit contract

+ Usually calls and data are cheaper than in prepaid contracts

+ You can keep the same phone number until you end your contract

+ Your phone is active all the time, no need to recharge or follow the balance of SIM-card

- You have to pay a monthly payment even if you don’t use your phone (depending on contract)

- You have to end the contract when you are leaving Spain. If you do not end the contract correctly, the billing continues and you are in response of unpaid bills.

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