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Nokia phone with 2 SIM cards

11 joulu
By luokassa Movitele
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Did you know that it is possible to have two SIM cards in one phone?

We offer to you Nokia Dual SIM 107 - phone, where you can have this option.  But why you need this phone? For example: If you live in Sweden and you travel to Spain or moved there for a longer time or permanently, but you still want to keep your old sim card from swedish operator. In this case the ideal solution is to have a mobile phone where you can put two different SIM cards. Your card from Sweden and another from Spain. Convenient, isn't it?
Nokia Dual SIM 107 features: battery lives up to 24 days, the phone has a color display, radio and mp3-player. The phone doesn't have a camera.

Come today and get yours from us!

Welcome to our green store:
Avd. Jesus Santos Rein/Romeria del Rocio, Fuengirola
Open: Mo-Fri: 9-19 and Sat: 10-16, Tel: +34 634 352 024



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