Nowadays customers seek faster, better, clearer web-sites that are easy to use. If the web-site does not satisfy these feels of customer a new site is just a few clicks away. Web-builder systems have been developed in order to help entrepreneurs to create well-functioning web-site.

With these few tips below you will make your site more customer friendly:


Too complicated and busy-looking web-sites do not interest customers. The outlook of the web-page should be clear and even beautiful. Only the outlook is not enough because site should also be functional and easy to use. Easiness of use increases the enjoyment of surfing.

Building of web-page:

When you are planning a new web-site, you have three different options. First, you can create your site by coding (if you are coding master). Second, you can hire an expert or last option is to build a web-page with a web-builder. With a web-builder you need to add only text and images to ready platform, you do not need especial computer skills.


The first and maybe the most difficult part are planning the outlook of web-site. There are many decisions to make in the planning phase: How the landing page is going to look? What is a theme on the site? How it is meant to navigate in the site?


Even if the creation of web-site is a big project, entrepreneur cannot rest a lot after that. A good web-site is needed to be updated continuously and new content should be created in weekly basis. With a web-builder the updating of content is easy since text and pictures can be easy edited without changing the whole design of the page.

Edition of web-page:

Your web-site does not serve its purposes probably if you cannot manage it as you wanted. With web-builder making of changes to the design is easy. Many web-builder templates include extra features like social media sharing button, customer-chat, customer feedback box and frequently asked questions. These extra services make consumer perception of use more convenient and a feeling that he or she is special and appreciated.