24 July 2015

My old friend Samsung refused to charge its battery and I got busy buying a new smartphone while on my holiday in Spain.

Basic idea was that the price can’t be too high and the phone needs to be ready to use with my Spanish SIM-card. As a supporter of Android (operating system), other options were eliminated in the very beginning.

These terms in mind I headed to Movitele –shop in Fuengirola.

Sulayman Njie heard my wishes and collected the example phones on the counter for a nice presentation.

In addition to the familiar Samsung smartphones, there was this model on the counter which I have never seen before.

- “I have had this THL smartphone in test run for 7 months now and I’ve been very pleased with it”, Njie answered when I asked more information about this unfamiliar brand.

The phone fits to a hand, it’s thin, light and the screen is clear and understandable. Price is 125€. When Njie told me that this model is for the features comparable to remarkably more expensive Samsung smartphones, it started to sound too good to be true.

The need and a rush for getting a new phone got me to make a quick decision. 125€ isn’t much for a phone and this is the kind of phone that you learn to use quickly.

Njie promised to make the phone ready for the use right away.

In just fifteen minutes I walked out from the store as a satisfied THL owner. SIMS-card works, language is in Finnish, every useful app has been installed and the appearance is the same as in the old phone.

After a week, I’m so excited about this phone that I’ll get another one for Finland too. Holiday pictures are taken by 5 megapixel camera and even though I didn’t install a memory card, the phone has plenty of memory (8 GB).

Nothing really beats the price and quality of this phone. After I searched information from the internet, I’m even more happier because the price would have been over 100€ more expensive from another store.

Couple of my friends already asked THL phones and Njie promised to order more models. TIP: Order just arrived from our webstore!

You can also get THL smartphones from the WEBSTORE.



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