Responsible Mobile Phone Recycling

  03 February 2015

Movitele has now an ability to receive old used mobile phones, with co-operation of Punto Renove. Returned phones will be recycled and the owner gets the compensation (the amount depends on the condition and the model of phone).

Saul Nije from Movitele tells that the need for this kind of service came from the the customers.

-People buy new phones and mobile devices quite often and so old phones are left without use. People do not want to throw these old phones into rubbish so those are usually forgotten in the drawers or cupboards. Therefore, a possibility to recycling is needed. We work in cooperation with Eurekamovil and Punto Renove, the major companies in Spain for the mobile phone recycling. We are now able to offer to our customers a chance to get payment from the returned phone.

To reuse or spare parts

Selling and recycling of used phones has increased in Spain every year. Until now, over 580 000 phones have been recycled through Eurekamovil and total (compensated) value of these phones is over one million euros. All collected money is mainly used for the charity.

In Eurekamovil, 75% of returned mobiles are transported China, India, Kenia, Sri Lanka and South Africa to be reused. Used mobile phones are important in these countries because these countries do not have telephone lines. 25 % of returned phones are dismantled into components and components are reused.

For example copper wires and cables are smelted and plastic parts are used as raw materials of new products. In addition, metals and minerals of phones are reused.

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