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Reetta Nieminen
Reetta Nieminen has not set their biography yet

What is 118finder?

118finder is a global and local directory to get information Here, There and Everywhere.  Our online directory offers information about companies, people, social media, weather and classifieds.

  •  millions of companies from 212 countries and over 47,000 cities
  • people finder covers over 3 billion people
  • social media finder covers main channels of social media
  • weather finder covers weather all over the world 



Are you tired of searching contact information or people through internet's general search engines, such as Google? You can find a ton of results but it’s hard to find exact and precise information between ads and forums.

If you don’t know, for example, the exact name or the website address of a company, the search can be hopeless and frustrating. 118finder takes care of this problem by focusing search results in one "company card" or "person profile card". Each "person profile" suggests items (including pictures) that are likely to be related to that specific individual. Card includes also the link of main source of information, for example Facebook. Results are sorted by the matching value.

From 118finder you can find companies’ contact information (address, phone) and general description and also map and route instructions.

Search results covers "deep level search" and may even include owners/businessmen of the company, industry and products, which company is selling.

To customer this brings even better options in service search. Even those companies who have technical knowledge and skills, but limited marketing budget, can bring up their information in the front pages of search engines, like Google. 


What does 118finder offer for your business:

·         Global and local visibility

·         Benefits from search engine optimization

·         Increases your companyäs visibility in social media

·         Saves costs and time of marketing

·         Our efficient and easy search device offers the best possible visibility


118finder has a feature which updates companies’ information to social media. That means you also can search information through a special Facebook application. This makes extra visibility and benefits possible for the company. 

Company’s service page is a special page that companies can maintain. Information that can be updated, include, for example, contact information, keywords, company’s description, pictures, videos and multiple social media connections. 




Why to join 118finder:

·         one of the biggest search services

·         reliable and safe

·         advertising through internet is affordable, lasting and the audience is wide

·         you can update your information whenever you want

·         our service is mobile friendly




118finder - Reach the world 


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My old friend Samsung refused to charge its battery and I got busy buying a new phone while on my holiday in Spain.

Basic idea was that the price can’t be too high and the phone needs to be ready to use with my Spanish SIM-card. As a supporter of Android (operating system), other options were eliminated in the very beginning.

These terms in mind I headed to Movitele –shop in Fuengirola.

Sulayman Njie heard my wishes and collected the example phones on the counter for a nice presentation.

In addition to the familiar Samsung phones, there was this model on the counter which I have never seen before.

- “I have had this THL mobile phone in test run for 7 months now and I’ve been very pleased with it”, Njie answered when I asked more information about this unfamiliar brand.

The phone fits to a hand, it’s thin, light and the screen is clear and understandable. Price is 125€. When Njie told me that this model is for the features comparable to remarkably more expensive Samsung phones, it started to sound too good to be true. 

The need and a rush for getting a new phone got me to make a quick decision. 125€ isn’t much for a phone and this is the kind of phone that you learn to use quickly.

Njie promised to make the phone ready for the use right away.

In just fifteen minutes I walked out from the store as a satisfied THL owner. SIMS-card works, language is in Finnish, every useful app has been installed and the appearance is the same as in the old phone.

After a week, I’m so excited about this phone that I’ll get another one for Finland too. Holiday pictures are taken by 5 megapixel camera and even though I didn’t install a memory card, the phone has plenty of memory (8 GB).

Nothing really beats the price and quality of this phone. After I searched information from the internet, I’m even more happier because the price would have been over 100€ more expensive from another store. 

Couple of my friends already asked THL phones and Njie promised to order more models. TIP: Order just arrived from our webstore!

You can get THL –phones also from the WEBSTORE.



We are located in the crossing of Avd. Jesus Santos Rein and Romeria del Rocio. 

Open Mo-Fri 9-19 and Sat 10-16

Tel: +34 634 336 649

Internet: www.movitele.com

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Did you know that burglars can break into homes using a special magnetic device and disconnect your alarm system?

With Securitas Direct Verisure – you have an alarm system which prevents this. Verisure –system records the action of thieves, their devices and make sure that the alarm system cannot be blocked or violated.



Verisure takes care of your security and your loved ones. The Verisure Alarm protects your home around the clock, wherever you are. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Securitas Direct offers you Verisure –alarm system, including:




b2ap3_thumbnail_services_maintenance_0.png Installation & 24/7 Technical Service

As a Verisure customer, you can benefit of a technical backup service 24 hours a day.


- Burglar alarm with image verification

Did you know that according to the law in Spain, you have to have a picture of the burglar to proof the intrusion into home?  The Verisure Alarm cameras go off at the moment the break-in occurs and record whatever happens in the home and then sends those images to the Alarm Control Centre. With a camera in your alarm system, the alarm centre can immediately check what caused an alarm and rapidly take the correct action.


b2ap3_thumbnail_service_clock_0.png Response to alarms in less than 45 seconds

The Verisure Alarm Receiving Center can check when an alarm goes off and decide how to respond in under 45 seconds.


b2ap3_thumbnail_service_guards_0.png Free guard response

As soon as it has been verified that there has been an attempted theft or burglary or any emergency situation, Securitas Direct will send a guard.



b2ap3_thumbnail_service_guarantee_0.png Lifetime product guarantee

Verisure Alarm devices are covered by a lifetime guarantee, in addition to the latest software updates.


- Deterrent alarm plates and stickers

Deterrent alarm stickers and plates that are placed on doors and windows are an important part of burglar prevention. Verisure plates tell thieves that your house is protected and that if they break in, their pictures will be taken and sent to the guard.


b2ap3_thumbnail_services_mobile_0.png Verisure –smartphone app

Did you know that the Verisure application has been downloaded over million times? Verisure app is Europe’s most popular smarthome app. The Verisure application enables you to take full control of your security, to activate or deactivate the alarm from anywhere in the world, to open or close doors by remote control and to monitor who enters or exits. When someone arms or disarms the Verisure system, a push notification is sent to your mobile telling you who has left or entered your home. So you know, for example, that your kids have arrived safely from school.



- 6 Star Keys

With StarKeys, it is easy for the entire family to switch the alarm off and on. Hold the StarKey against the Key Pad and it's done. 

Every StarKey is personal and added to certain user. This is how you can always keep track of who has left the house and who is in.

Did you know that you can program the StarKey to several different Verisure –systems? This is how you can use the same StarKey at home, at holiday home or maybe at your parents’.


b2ap3_thumbnail_service_protection_0.png Key Pad

Activate or deactivate the alarm without having to memorize complicated codes.

Did you know that the Key Pad also is a personal safety alarm? Press the two SOS keys and the alarm will go directly to an operator at our alarm center. The operator will call you back to find out what has happened, and takes appropriate measures depending on the situation. You can also add a doorbell –feature, so it makes a sound like a doorbell when someone comes in. 


From the video you can concretely see how the Verisure –alarm system works:


Verisure is Europe's leading supplier of home alarms and connected services for the smart home - all controlled and monitored with the Verisure App. Thanks to Verisure strong focus on quality and service, Verisure 1.6 million customers are among the most satisfied in the industry.

Verisure has already 750 000 satisfied customers in Spain! If you aren’t Verisure customer yet, but you’re interested in keeping your home and loved ones safe, we recommend visiting our shop and familiarize with Verisure –alarm system. We speak English, Spanish and Finnish. 






We are located in the crossing of Avd. Jesus Santos Rein and Romeria del Rocio

Open Mo-Fri 9-19 and Sat 10-16

Tel: +34 634 336 649

Internet: www.movitele.com

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are an authorized reseller of Securitas Direct






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Now you can buy the latest mobile phones and tablets from webstore!

Browse through a wide range of smart phones, feature phones, tablets and mobile accessories across leading brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Apple etc.

Why buy online?

Wide range of products

You can find hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, tablets, computers and accessories online.

Compare and buy at the best price

We have the best smartphone & tablet promotions. You can get the products by lower cost than from the store. All prices include VAT.

Most of the products straight from the storage

Our provider (Amazon) lists availability information for products sold on the website including also product information and customer reviews. As Amazon processes your order, it will inform you by e-mail as soon as possible if any products you order turn out to be unavailable and in that case you will not be charged for those products.

Free shipping

For orders of £20 / €20 or more. Special promotions apply.

Fast delivery

Standard 2-6 days. You can keep track of your order.

More information about delivery (from UK) from here

Easy return

You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Amazon within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. More from returns (from UK store) here

Different payment methods

The following credit and debit cards can be used as payment:

o Visa

o Delta

o Visa Electron

o MasterCard

o EuroCard

o American Express

o UK based Maestro and Solo cards







CONTACT US:   +34 634 336 649    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are an authorized affiliate of Amazon.

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Many foreigners who are moving to Costa del Sol are wondering about one thing. Would it be better to make a prepaid contract than direct debit contract with phone operator? Both options have their pros and cons. The most important thing affecting choice is the purpose of use.

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Nowadays customers seek faster, better, clearer web-sites that are easy to use. If the web-site does not satisfy these feels of customer a new site is just a few clicks away. Web-builder systems have been developed in order to help entrepreneurs to create well-functioning web-site.

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Prepaid is an option for monthly paid mobile tariff. The customer pays of use beforehand by loading a certain amount of money to the prepaid card. The loaded money is called balance. The customer has two options to use balance that is loaded to his phone:

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Responsible Mobile Phone Recycling

Movitele has now an ability to receive old used mobile phones, with co-operation of Punto Renove. Returned phones will be recycled and the owner gets the compensation (the amount depends on the condition and the model of phone).

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Technician, programmer, engineer – I often notice that many different skills are needed when using mobile devises in daily life, especially when problems occur.

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Superfast 4G compatible Mobile Broadband available from Movitele:

Innovative broadband solution for smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, kindles and PSPs. You need only this small and mobile WiFi-router and you are ready to internet!

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We want to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our clients and partners!


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Doyourpages.com is an easy and quick tool to create a web-site for business or personal use. Do your pages is a good solution for everyone since our wide product category offers opportunities for different needs and budgets. We have various web service solutions and multiple website templates to choose from.

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Some days the umbrella is needed here in the southern Spain where our office in located, even if the Costa del Sol is known for its sun. The umbrella symbolizes also our brand; under 118finder umbrella we have a large scale of products and services and we are continously developing more! The idea of this blog is to inform our customers what is going on with our products and services and inside our company group.

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